Monday, January 5, 2009

Creating a driver for JSynthLib and the Roland SPD-11

Back in 1998, I bought my first 600 neuro computer to get started with the official Cubase Vst 3.5, priced that day at 'only' 400 neuros. All my saved money was gone, I didn't have a decent job, but my future regarding recording music seemed secured, with an official dongle. it also didn't take long to get the blues 'cause my computer wasn't fast enough to run Vst plugins and the manual said I would also need a professional sound card.

It took until January 2004 before I first got a web connection and learned that Cubase Vst 3.5 wasn't supported anymore. The drivers I had been working on with dmaker were only useful for unsupported and expensive but 'old' software.

Now with Linux running, I use JSynthLib to edit and save the programs and banks on my Korg X3 synth, and I would like to do the same with my Roland SPD-11 but there's no driver been written yet.

I've read a book about Java and done most of the exercises but I'm still pretty new to programming, so it's a new challenge :-)
To make things a bit easier for myself and possibly others who may want to contribute/learn,
I quickly set up this wiki at

And for now, I'll STFU and get on with my "unemployed status" job of writing the damn driver.
Cheers ;-)

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