Thursday, June 14, 2007

Installation and configuration of a midisport 2x2 usb -

Installing M-Audio Midisport 2x2 : I just follow this How-to created by "Yaaarrrgg !" .

(In short) :

sudo -i
cd /tmp

then get firmware from the 'usbmidi' package



tar xvzf usbmidi-20040829.tar.gz

to simplify the instructions copy the firmware to /etc/firmware

mkdir /etc/firmwarecp usbmidi-20040829/testing/MidiSport/ezusbmidi2x2.ihx /etc/firmware/

install fxload if not yet installed

apt-get install fxload

find out what bus and device id the midisport has


load the firmware (change "003" with your bus number and "004" with your device number , found from lsusb

fxload -I /etc/firmware/ezusbmidi2x2.ihx -D /proc/bus/usb/003/004

On the page I also found a script for loading the midisport .

With "Alacarte menu editor" in 64Studio or in Ubuntu >>system>>preferences>>main menu I added a new menu-item with the command "sudo /usr/local/bin/midisportsetup" set to open up in a terminal. I'm not sure if this is the right way to do things , but it worked for me.

I also added one with the command "sudo modprobe snd-seq-midi" that I need to make Alsa find the /dev/snd/seq . The same as the previous counts here, I'm not sure if it's the best way to work. Try it and see if it works.


... thanks a lot Yaaarrrgg !, for your great and detailed tutorial.

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FreqRush said...

I've noticed on UbuntuStudio 8.10, the location of the usb busses is now at /dev/bus/usb instead of /proc/...