Sunday, July 13, 2008

Installing gspca-modules in 64 Studio

Installing gspca-modules in 64 Studio .

The gspca-modules contain drivers for webcams, but they need to be compiled for
64 Studio before you can use them, so here's a little how-to ...
This should work for all webcams listed here.

(Make sure) this package is installed:

version 01.00.04-2+2.6.17-9 (
and this one too:
version 01.00.04-2 (stable)

To unpack the sourcefiles I did:

peter@64studio:/usr/src$ sudo bunzip2 gspca-source.tar.bz2
cd into the new directory:
peter@64studio:/usr/src$ cd modules/gspca/

Now prepare module-assistant:

peter@64studio:/usr/src/modules/gspca$ sudo m-a prepare
a lot of messages came and 'cause all went well, it ended with

Now auto install gspca :

peter@64studio:/usr/src/modules/gspca$ sudo m-a a-i gspca
again a lot of messages and 'cause all went well, again

The driver is now installed and the webcam works :-)

Useful links:
gspca home page :
list of supported cams

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