Friday, July 27, 2007

Adding items to the main menu

To start up the loading and connecting process (if it didn't happen automatically at boot) of my Speedtouch 330 USB modem, I added a shortcut in the >Applications >Internet menu. Here's the little "how to add items to the main menu "

In UbuntuStudio I went to
>Main menu
(or in the terminal type : alacarte)
and I get this window :

There choose the "internet" menu (on the left) and "+ new item" (on the right).

The launcher properties window appears . To be able to execute a sudo command , where I'll need to enter my password , I choose "Type" "Application in terminal" . "Name" becomes "Connect ADSL " and the "Command" goes "sudo /etc/init.d/dial start -v"
Choosing an icon and setting a comment are optional .

Now this also is my way to find out how to launch any program listed in the Main menu from the terminal . E.g to find out this Main Menu editor can be launched by typing "alacarte" , I opened it, went to the "system" and "preferences" tab , right clicked on "Main menu" , and I get the Launcher properties for "Main menu" where the command goes "alacarte" .

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